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anglo PARTNERS + ARCHITECTS is the dynamic partnership of Jason Ang and Mark Lo. The firm is a fully-integrated organization of design and construction professionals who take pride in seeing to it that quality output is accomplished with a thorough client-architect-contractor interaction.

Through the utilization of sound design principles and fastidious research, we seek to accomplish aesthetically-pleasing and structurally-reliable projects at a reasonable amount of time while wisely maximizing the client's resources through intelligent planning, appropriate adaptation to site variables and proper human resource management.

Meet the Founders


Jason Ang

Managing Director | Operations

if you travel back in time, you would probably see the walls of jason's house festooned with the scrawls and sketches of a toddler. 

it was through a sesame street episode when he figured out for the first time that he wanted to be an architect.

five years after graduating from the university of santo tomas (ust) and acquiring his architect's license, he partnered with mark to form a formidable architectural design firm that is anglo partners+architects. 

as the managing partner for operations, he fuses the firm's prolific creativity with technical expertise to lead and grow a multi-disciplinary architectural practice with over three hundred projects to date.

jason's professional journey has been most recently highlighted by his conferment as an asean architect and investiture as a licensed environmental planner.  he is the immediate past president of uap manila metro chapter, the country's largest local unit of architects in the philippines.  of late, he has been appointed to key national positions in the uap.


Mark Lo

Managing Director | Design

it was his father who planted the seed of mark's love for architecture.  he reckons that during their family travels, his dad's preferred itinerary consisted of landmarks, museums and world expos,

all of which have made a huge impact on him.

according to mark, he finds inspiration from the smallest of details that catch his fancy-- be it the shell of a hermit crab or the detailed arm of a toy robot. 


mark gets flashes of inspiration from the minutest of things around him.  this drives him to take that particular idea and fuse them into architecture and design.

mark graduated from the university of santo tomas (ust) in 1996.  he topped the june 1997 licensure exams, placing 9th.  recently, he was conferred as asean architect, one of only about a hundred filipino architects with this distinction.

Our Atelier

Image by Daniel McCullough
Image by Sven Mieke

ours is a workshop of ideas and possibilities.  creativity abounds.  in the practice of architecture and design,

we meticulously nurture each project from line to design.  we consider them as living entities which constantly evolve throughout its project life.  anglo PARTNERS+ARCHITECTS takes the longview and undertakes each structure, each space, each shelter and each habitat with its future sustainability in mind.

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